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The 17th Shanghai International Gifts, Presents And Household Goods Exhibition In 2019

Jun 24, 2019

       2019 Shanghai gift show will gather gifts, promotional products, meeting gifts, welfare and business gifts, handicrafts, household items, and many other categories of suppliers and manufacturers, from east China provinces nearly 60000 professional visitors from gift companies, wholesalers, retailers and buyers to provide efficient platform to inspect samples, to discuss cooperation.Exhibition in jiangsu and the surrounding area gift channel distributors and wholesalers, distributors, retailers, traditional network business customers from all over the country and even abroad, and by selecting the market of products and brands, effectively assist buyers to capture trends, inspiration, planning, product line, looking for excellent brand, creative design, power plant and high quality suppliers, establish contact, development and cooperation, and customized order.


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Official website: www.cghe-expo.com


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