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Six Big USES For A Face Towel

Jun 24, 2019

How long has it been since your towel was washed?You know, a towel used for six months, bacteria can reach millions of levels.Needless to say half a year, a plain towel, or a fancy towel, is used for only five days in a row, and the bathroom is usually kept moist and a hotbed for bacteria to grow.Towels stink very easily without the sun.


When you use smelly towels, bacteria attach to your face, and if you use skin care products next, it's the perfect microcanteen for bacteria.So, your face acne, a big reason is that you did not wash your face clean, your face is "dirty".


You might say, I'll wash the towel, or even perm it with hot water.


I want to ask you, you are so busy with work, do you have time to wash towels often?Whether the towel is in cold water or hot water, we will understand that the towel gradually hardened, not only acne problems, but also may grow fine lines.No woman wants to look particularly haggard in the best of times!

Use a disposable face towel to avoid the hassle of spending time washing your towels and not worry about smelling.And one at a time, eliminating the growth of bacteria.The whole production environment is aseptic and clean. It comes from the production workshop certified by FDA of the United States, CE of the European Union, Intertek of Japan and GMPC of China.With a simple gesture, remove a face towel from the box and clean your face with your fingers.

At this point, you just throw your washcloth in the trash.


And the disposable face towel material is used in plant fiber, has a certain degradation function, so environmental protection free from contamination, it is more convenient to use, no stimulus to facial cleaning, in addition to wash a face, can also be used to wipe the body, for women and the baby can go to different experiences, dry wet amphibious is that it is the most perfect function.

soybean fiber tissue4

1 Remove makeup and apply face

The effect of pure cotton towel is no worse than that of cotton towel.Small make up now is to use it to remove makeup: fold the cotton towel three times, pour a certain amount of makeup remover, after one side is used up, you can open another side, a piece of cotton towel can remove the daily makeup, and more economical than the makeup cotton. It can also be used to care baby's skin, it's so soft that won't damage the baby's delicate skin.

2 Daily cleaning

Because the friction force of cotton towels than paper towels, more suitable for all kinds of environmental cleaning, and wet and dry can be used, very convenient.Usually wipe a table ah, wipe a shoe ah, wipe a glasses phone screen ah, are gently wiped clean, will not leave a little paper scraps.

3 The kitchen clean

Small make up can put on a box of pure cotton towel in the kitchen, the sponge that USES at ordinary times, dishcloth, always be infected with smeary, do not want to use quite.Cotton towel is much better, usually there is a small amount of oily tableware, no detergent, with cotton towel can clean oil stains.If you have a lot of oil, add a little detergent, it will be easier to wash, clean and not hurt your hands.

4 Packages of food

Take a piece of pure cotton towel, put Fried food on top can absorb oil, not afraid of excess oil to eat their own fat, eat up the guilt in the mind is much smaller.If it is steamed steamed buns, corn and other breakfast, in the steamer pad a pure cotton towel, taste better, but also to prevent hot hands.

5 Travel good parts

Whether traveling or on business, many people lovers carry a towel in their bag.

Travel with a towel is not particularly convenient one thing, it would be in a short period of time to travel because, in many places, often when you leave a place it is hard to dry towel, wet towel to trouble do not say, also can cause a lot of bacteria pure cotton towel = + cotton + wet paper towels, disposable towel paper towels + mask 5 net all rights reserved

6 As a qualified "all purpose" good articles, cotton towel USES more than these USES oh!Wash the pure cotton towel of the face, can be used to wipe wash one's hands the stage and mirror, also can conveniently wash one's hands the leather shoes such as the bottle jar of toilet, stained dirt is wiped clean, secondary use is very environmental protection.May you have a face that is not bullied by life, heart clean, hope forever.

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