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Reasons For Non-woven Selling Cold

Oct 31, 2014

In recent years the reasons for selling non-woven dark green cold caused by the combined effect is the international and domestic economic situation. Specific reasons: (1) the development of urbanization in the country to effectively promote the agriculture and forestry related industries, are stimulated as cold non-woven product development, production and sales. For respond to all kinds of weather conditions played a very important role. (2) The international community awareness of agriculture and forestry seedlings cold winter deepened. World emphasis on landscaping States continues to deepen, the importance of emerging markets and developing countries for agriculture, forestry, afforestation have a clear understanding of such countries a substantial increase in agriculture, forestry, industry-related products for the attention. (3) seasonal cold nonwovens sales, usually in September to December, product demand during the peak season, thanks to years of authorized dealers, distributors, such as Beijing and Hebei, and successfully entered the Beijing market garden lawn green nonwovens supply Jinzhou garden Expo, the participating departments support and recognition, including anti-aging lawn during the Expo nonwovens more favored Arab and African countries.