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Non Woven Wallpaper

Sep 23, 2019

The wall paper of nonwoven cloth is in 3 kinds of wall paper permeability is the best environmental protection sex is quite good also, the material of oneself is qualitative without what pollution this kind of wall paper is sticking what glue does is the fastest, also won't make wall wet so still have an advantage is construction is convenient, this point probably serves as owner experience not apparent.

Advantages of non-woven wallpaper: zero formaldehyde-ductility small shrinkage can only be calculated on the disadvantage of the high price.

  • Unique porous structure,

  • whole body breathable formaldehyde-free waterproof,

  • moisture-proof,

  • adjustable air humidity,

  • sound insulation,

  • noise reduction non-woven fabric detail diagram non-woven fabric detail diagram hand affinity,

  • natural smell,

  • aromatic,

  • stronger tensile strength,

  • whole body non-woven paper,

  • when fully burned, only produces carbon dioxide and water.

non woven wallpaper

Long fiber non woven T20

shiny nonwoven wallpaper

long fiber non woven with aluminum plating

printing wallpaper

long fiber non woven with printing

green wallpaper

solid long fiber non woven fabric

floral wallpaper

long fiber non woven with printing

web nonwoven wallpaper

web long fiber non woven wallpaper