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Kinds Of Packing Materials For Flowers

May 27, 2017

Kinds of packing materials for flowers

1. plastic packing materials

Plastic packaging paper is the most commonly used, the most common, and has a good moisture-proof effect. Plastic packaging paper is cheap, it has surface printing, floating printing, translucent printing, colorless, transparent and many other varieties, plastic packaging paper in the flower packaging can also play a role in preservation. Now introduced a variety of spot color packaging paper, decorative effect better.

2. paper packaging materials

This paper includes a variety of printing paper, and paper, crepe paper, paper, paper, Yunlong cloud silk dyeing paper type, which is characterized by soft texture, natural texture, the gift packaging looks more dignified, elegant, gentle and noble.

3. yarn quality packaging materials

The wrapping paper of yarn net texture is a kind of artificial yarn, whose surface can be made into relief material, and the most common are snowflake net and plastic net. The material of the gauze is transparent, light and rich in color, which can add a hazy visual effect to the flowers.

4. quality packing materials

This kind of packaging material, texture soft stiffness, suitable for individual or irregular packing. Because it is pure natural, but also has a special shape and texture, packaging often inadvertently flowers packaging to bring more creativity and beauty.

5. fabric packing materials

Fabrics are soft and gentle, so they are unique in packaging and decoration. As the fabric has many kinds, surface printing is also rich and colorful, can change countless decorative effect.

In addition to the above basic packaging paper, the following to introduce some of the more popular packaging paper.

6. exquisite translucent silk paper

This paper is composed of the texture is very delicate drawing paper and the film. This paper is very wonderful, changeable and empty through pattern, like the beautiful embroidery scarf. The color is various, red, green, yellow, white, makes a dozen. This kind of wrapping paper was originally used for packing dried flowers. Nowadays, some flower artists who like to be new and unconventional have quoted them as flowers. The effect is surprisingly good, which is very popular with consumers.

7. texture rich wrinkle paper

The feature of this paper is that the entire piece of paper is covered with jagged strips of wrinkles. It is because of this wrinkle that wrinkles paper has a more than usual charm, resulting in an unusual visual effect, and therefore very popular. With a strong tensile force with the crepe paper, package out of natural flowers not garish, and strong decoration, with a sense of wave. The color of the paper is not 20, mostly very elegant, such as lavender, blue, orange, green, the most characteristic to the number of composite corrugated aluminium film paper packaging, metal texture.

8., unique tile paper

This paper is not the corrugated paper material used in the Kraft carton, but has a good decorative effect of the art paper, in the past is used in the box and so on, has become one of the members of the family the best packaging decoration.

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