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How Does The Package Match The Flowers Perfectly

Sep 10, 2019

To master the packing and the collocation of flower need to know the function of the packing and take the relationship between the production need to be aware of matters:

1 the function of packaging:

(1) material: flowers are delicate, reduce the production of mobile or put in the friction material by extrusion, etc. (2) decorative flowers: flowers as a flower, on behalf of the ceremony to value such as intention, can decorate floral decoration space at the same time.

(3) water: to provide water for flowers, prolong life.

flower wrapping 6

2. Classification of wrapping materials:


(1) snow pear paper: soft, protective and decorative function.


(2) han su paper: waterproof and smooth, with many styles, protection and decoration functions.


(3) mesh: light, special, decorative and protective functions.


(4) kraft paper: hard, high-grade, decorative and protective functions.


(5) corrugated: hard, many patterns, protection and decoration functions.


(6) transparent cellophane: water retention.


(7) OPP: hazy, science fiction, bright color, decoration and protection function.


(8) fog-faced paper: hazy, soft and smooth, decorative and protective function.


(9) non woven: colorful, anti-water, decorative and protective function.


(10) other: a style that continues to be popular.

PET nonwoven sheets for flower wrapping

3. Fixed items:

(1) functionality: transparent adhesive tape, hemp rope, lafite grass, paper-wrapped wire, etc


(2) decoration: ribbons, silks and satins, lace, woven linen, etc


4. Packaging and flower color collocation:

refer to the color collocation of flower material, you can choose the same color, contrast color, adjacent color, etc.


silk nonwoven- (7)

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