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Foreign Wedding Decorations

Jul 14, 2018

A unique wedding is expected by every prospective newcomer. Of course, there are many details to be noted for a perfect wedding scene layout.

The key points of wedding decoration site abroad: color selection

We all know that most of the foreign wedding ceremonies are romantic, so the color of the wedding site should be chosen rationally. If you want to create a bright field, you can add some light purple and orange to the scene, and if you want to create a sexy atmosphere, the wine and chocolate can be the best color matching.

Two key points of wedding decoration site abroad: wedding venues are not confined to star rated hotels.

Who says the wedding must be held in the hotel? Today's new people like to make their own wedding special, especially abroad, they are very personality and no lack of creativity. For example, they may choose their own wedding in a fresh and pleasant country, and some of them choose their wedding decorations to be held in a large warehouse. It can be seen that the wedding site is not necessarily a star hotel, because there are pleasant bouquets, glittering and glittering goblets, textured porcelain, colorful tablecloths, napkins and cushions, and all of these decorations are not inferior to those of the vulgar star hotels. All the different effects.

Three key points of wedding decoration site abroad: don't limit the wedding banquet to a hall.

We all know that the traditional wedding banquet is held in a banquet hall, then in fact, when the wedding scene abroad, they tend to extend the scope of the wedding banquet. For example, if their wedding ceremony is held in the yard, they will put various drinks or dishes on the lake side, and then place some dessert on the balcony.

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