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Attention To Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Jul 14, 2018

Outdoor wedding decorations:

1. Site selection

It is important to choose the site of the lawn wedding, the resort with open green, the villa garden in the suburbs, or the golf course is a good choice. If you can find a lake or a mountain near the water, it will be better to enjoy the romantic and happy wedding, and enjoy the natural and refreshing people, such a wedding will be. Give people the double enjoyment of body and mind.

2. Site layout

The layout of outdoor lawn wedding is a key factor determining the success or failure of a wedding. Its basic style should be western style. In color, because of the majority of outdoor green, in order to achieve the harmony of the whole wedding environment, we should choose a light color, such as white, pink, light purple, light yellow and so on. Prohibition against big red, not to use red in large quantities. If there are candles and other decorations on the same day, we should also prepare some glass seats for protection, so as to prevent unnecessary accidents. In the wedding flower, because there are too many natural factors in the outdoor, we should consider a lot of design schemes that can be avoided. The weather has a great decision. The flowers should choose not to dehydrate easily, the color does not change in the sun, and the heavy support should be prepared to ensure the stability of the works in the outdoor. Design.

3. The date of the wedding

Outdoor wedding is to return to the nature, close to nature, so the choice of May - October is more suitable for the outdoor lawn wedding, which 5, 6, 9, October is the best choice. If your marriage period is in April or November, you would like to have an outdoor wedding, it is suggested that you rent a portable warm wind, warm wind The rent is cheaper, and the effect is very good. Especially in early spring outdoor wedding, you can use some small blankets for proper heating. If you are going to have an outdoor wedding in 7 and August, the first thing you want to consider is sunburn, a natural shade and sunscreen site is a necessary factor.

4. Weather factors

Weather factors are a key factor affecting outdoor wedding. Because of the long planning time of wedding, it is difficult to predict the weather conditions on the wedding day. The so-called "unexpected weather", we must buy an insurance, and prepare a backup plan, always foolproof. For example, if you want to cope with rainy days, please check with the venue before you can provide tents, or temporarily transfer to the indoor ritual, what needs to be prepared and so on.

5. The form of wedding banquet

After an outdoor wedding, a wedding banquet is held in a nearby restaurant; you can also separate the wedding ceremony from the wedding banquet, choose the day to hold the ceremony, the wedding party or the new wedding party at night.

6. Traffic factors

It is suggested that you write your wedding form on the invitation and write out the specific location of the wedding (map) and the way of transportation. As the outdoor site is usually far away from the city, it is best to rent a bus for friends and relatives to go to the destination, so as not to cause the wedding day to fail to find the destination. Wedding. In addition, if the outdoor site is far from home, you can consider the guest room at the wedding site one night before the wedding, so that the newlyweds have plenty of time to prepare, and the rituals of the marriage can be done more leisurely.

7. Wedding dress

The atmosphere of the outdoor lawn wedding is relatively easy, the wedding dress is recommended to choose light color, fiber, simple dress, outdoor wedding in style is not suitable for big tuxtail wedding dress and tuxedo too heavy dress, so when choosing dress, the bride should choose the wedding dress, the bridegroom can choose the general dress.

8, seasonal characteristics and special circumstances

(1) food. Outdoor temperatures often affect the quality of food and avoid spoilage foods, such as those mixed with mayonnaise, fruit that has been cut. In the same way, the selection of the wedding cake is not easy to dissolve. When ordering, the cake supplier should refer to the outdoors wedding, so that the other party can cooperate with the outdoor environment to design the wedding cake material and shape.

(2) prevent mosquitoes. To make the guests enjoy your wedding, it is the duty to refuse any uninvited guests, such as unpleasant mosquitoes, flies and insects. Especially when flies fly in the food, they will enjoy the scenery. Therefore, we should communicate with the relevant units in advance and do all the anti mosquito and insect control measures.

(3) take care of the special guests. When you send an invitation, write your wedding form. If you choose an outdoor wedding, especially a garden or lawn wedding, you should know in advance which guests have serious pollen allergies, and do not arrange the guests around the garden. In addition, seats with children should not be arranged near lakes, depressions, highways, slopes and other hidden dangers.

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