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A Gift For Valentine's Day

Dec 10, 2019

Valentine's day is a time for romance and chocolate-covered CARDS, when men and women exchange gifts to show their love or friendship.

In some countries, public celebrations take place several days before and after the festival.On the eve of valentine's day, all flower shops put out a variety of bouquets, roses, orchids.All restaurants and bars are decorated with valentine's day themes, and many large supermarkets and shopping malls have valentine's day activities.

some materials used for valentine's bouquet wrapping, such as: non woven, mesh, silk organza......


 F118 MESH       flower wrapping 1       flower bouquet

Some places such as: hotel, restaurant, banquet, party, coffee bar, home will use some decoration to create a feeling of valentine's day.

How about this flower mesh in red or wine color? suitable for more formal occasions and banquets.

lace table runner9

The gauze with small dot in pink or white color is also a good choice for table decoration, It's a fresh and lovely style, more in line with the tastes of young people.

lottle dot table runner6

gauzetable runner11

Mesh with glitter and sequins also suitable for a valentine's day, sparkly adorable.

 F18+D375table runner1