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what is bronzing, hot foil, gold stamp

Sep 02, 2019

Bronzing(hot foil, gold stamp) is a special printing process without ink, it is with the help of a certain pressure at temperature, using the stencil installed in the hot stamping machine, so that printed matter and hot stamping foil press each other in a short time, the metal foil or pigment foil according to the hot stamping stencil text and text transfer to the surface of the hot printing.

Printed matter after hot stamping in gloss, three-dimensional, metal sense, anti-counterfeiting performance has achieved good results, especially the application of more and more extensive three-dimensional hot stamping technology, so that the packaging of goods appears high-grade and elegant, magnificent and rich personality.At present, the technology is mainly used in tobacco and wine trademarks, greeting CARDS, invitations, couplets, handicrafts, fabrics, pencils and so on.

gold stamping tablecloth

hot foil table runner

bronzing table runner

bronzing polyester table runner

organza with gold stamping

non woven with hot foil

loving heart with hot foil