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Common types of non-woven bags

Oct 31, 2014

Non-woven bag, non-woven bags, woven shopping bags, woven bags and other woven products can be seen everywhere in the street, be recognized by the people. So, today, woven bags plant heritage for everyone to talk about a type of non-woven bags what. 

Common types of non-woven bags have the following categories. The first is a type of advertising, you can take advantage of non-woven bags body bags a limited area, the world disseminate market information services business or product, when a customer carrying a store advertisement printed bags, walking through the streets when, in fact, some fine advertising bags, and no less than make an excellent advertising signs, and the cost is relatively low. The second is knowledge-based, it is with a certain knowledge of the different types of patterns, text, such as the world famous painting, Chinese calligraphy, printed on the bags, these bags, not only to provide consumers when carrying items a convenient and cultivate people's sentiments, gives rise to a wonderful psychological feelings. The third type is a gift, that China is a state of ceremonies, festivals, birthday Hershey, people always want to bring a gift, "walk, walk," to contact the feelings, heighten the atmosphere, when the guests have the gifts in India "I wish you a long life", "May the king happy," and other words of shopping bags mention him when the owner feels is not only a gift, but there is a different taste in their hearts. The fourth is to commemorate type, such as ×× Art Festival Memorial, souvenir bags, to commemorate this strategy to meet the people's psychological and mental honor, so that people, after shopping, there are some new feelings. The fifth is Simple, and when customers purchase a hodgepodge of stuff that needs a simple shopping bag dressed, if the stores can provide one experienced man in fear, certainly welcomed by consumers, convenient and gives an important decision itself promotions orifices. The sixth is when the type of trend, is now generally pursue a high standard of lifestyle, fashion trend of consumption goods leadership moment, when what is "hot" when appearing on the society, if the store the goods design, promotional information printed on beautiful shopping bags, promotional trick is undoubtedly an important one, and when consumers see a hot commodity on sale at the store, it had a "irresistible temptation." The seventh is the antique type, and many high-profile social-traditional commodities, due to material stress, making Road, has a long history and much consumers, if printed with the simple and elegant pattern and text on shopping bags, giving a kind of noble and solemn feeling, presumably also cause some consumers shopping fun. We all know that paper bags are of non-woven bags with more environmentally friendly, and that the difference between non-woven bags and paper bags you know, when they want to know which you choose it? If you want to see more about the non-woven bags and paper bags, you can enter our website to watch, which are described in detail.